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...the only place on the web where the fans get heard about the big (and not so big) V8Supercar issues.

Fan Poll Rules
For the purposes of sanity, we need one simple rule for this... Please only vote once per person. Mutiple votes in large numbers will be disregarded.

Apart from that, go for it! Here are the current Fan Polls:

Active Fan Polls:
FAN POLL 50: 09-08-2011 Is anyone paying attention to what these polls are saying?Current Results
FAN POLL 49: 09-08-2011 Which manufacturer will be the first to join with the Car of the Future?Current Results
Old Fan Polls:
FAN POLL 48: 02-01-2007 Who should be the IPO in 2007?Final Results
FAN POLL 47: 02-01-2007 Who will win the 2007 Championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 46: 05-01-2006 What is your opinion of reverse grids?Final Results
FAN POLL 45: 05-01-2006 Who will win the 2006 Championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 44: 11-10-2005 Now Bathurst is over who will win the 2005 Championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 43: 11-10-2005 Who was at fault between Greg Murphy and Marcos Ambrose at their Bathurst 1000 incident?Final Results
FAN POLL 42: 05-07-2005 Where will Marcos Ambrose finish in his 2006 US campaign?Final Results
FAN POLL 41: 05-07-2005 First China and now the World! Where to next?Final Results
FAN POLL 40: 10-05-2005 What age is too old to race in V8 Supercars?Final Results
FAN POLL 39: 10-05-2005 What is your opinion of the introduction of the IPO Peter Wallerman?Final Results
FAN POLL 38: 11-01-2005 What size field should V8 Supercars be limited to?Final Results
FAN POLL 37: 11-01-2005 Who will win the 2005 Championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 36: 05-08-2004 Who should replace Craig Lowndes at FPR?Final Results
FAN POLL 35: 05-08-2004 What penalty should Steve Richards and Castrol Perkins Motorsport receive?Final Results
FAN POLL 34: 04-12-2003 Who was at fault between Ingall and Skaife?Final Results
FAN POLL 33: 27-08-2003 Which round should be dropped from the series to make way for the China race?Final Results
FAN POLL 32: 27-08-2003 Would you still support the Indy carnival if the V8 Supercars were the headline act?Final Results
FAN POLL 31: 30-07-2003 Are you shocked that the fanpoll has been updated?Final Results
FAN POLL 30: 30-07-2003 Who will win the 2003 Championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 29: 23-09-2002 Where should the V8 500 race be held next year?Final Results
FAN POLL 28: 22-02-2002 Should the Gold Coast events have championship status?Final Results
FAN POLL 27: 22-02-2002 Who has the best new livery for the 2002 Season?Final Results
FAN POLL 26: 13-12-2001 Where will Pedro Lamy finish in the Shell Series next yearFinal Results
FAN POLL 25: 13-12-2001 Who should get the remaining seat at Briggs Motorsport?Final Results
FAN POLL 24: 25-11-2001 Should team tactics be allowed in V8Supercar racingFinal Results
FAN POLL 23: 25-11-2001 Should there be more races in New Zealand?Final Results
FAN POLL 22: 04-09-2001 What grid capacity should there be for the V8 Supercar 1000 at Bathurst?Final Results
FAN POLL 21: 04-09-2001 Which Victorian circuit should be dropped for the 2002 Shell series?Final Results
FAN POLL 20: 12-08-2001 What's your favourite part of Results
FAN POLL 19: 12-08-2001 Would you like to see V8 Supercars stay on Channel 10 next year?Final Results
FAN POLL 18: 12-07-2001 Should lower performing teams be allocated more test days to catch up?Final Results
FAN POLL 17: 12-07-2001 Would you like to bring the old sprint round format back?Final Results
FAN POLL 16: 24-06-2001 What is your favourite V8Supercar round format?Final Results
FAN POLL 15: 24-06-2001 Should the Toyota Avalon race in V8Supercar?Final Results
FAN POLL 14: 10-06-2001 Should rolling starts be used in V8Supercar?Final Results
FAN POLL 13: 10-06-2001 Should reverse grid racing continue in V8Supercar?Final Results
FAN POLL 12: 22-04-2001 What should be the penality for a pitlane saftey infringmentFinal Results
FAN POLL 11: 22-04-2001 Who do you think should do the new V8Supercar jingle?Final Results
FAN POLL 10: 01-04-2001 Do compulsory pitstops enhance V8Supercar racing?Final Results
FAN POLL 9: 25-03-2001 Should drivers that do not finish score points?Final Results
FAN POLL 8: 12-03-2001 Where do you think Craig Lowndes will finish in the championship?Final Results
FAN POLL 7: 12-03-2001 Should there be a reverse grid race in the Konica Series?Final Results
FAN POLL 6: 05-03-2001 Were the Albert Park races a good form guide for the Shell Series?Final Results
FAN POLL 5: 15-02-2001 Which team has the best new colour scheme?Final Results
FAN POLL 4: 03-02-2001 Which team has benefitted most from changes in driver personnel?Final Results
FAN POLL 3: 03-02-2001 Who will win the 2001 Shell Series?Final Results
FAN POLL 2: 26-01-2001 Which Holden driver will do the best in the 2001 Shell Series?Final Results
FAN POLL 1: 26-01-2001 Which Ford driver will do the best in the 2001 Shell Series?Final Results