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Welcome to

It is a pleasure to welcome you to a new era in Australian Motosport on the Internet - Irrespective of whether you're here for the first time, or one of our loyal followers from the V8Supercar Pick 10 project, I extend you a warm welcome, and hope you enjoy our rapidly expanding quarter-acre block of the web.

In four short years, what started as something to fill in a bit of time for a young bored uni student, has become the primary contributor to the development of V8Supercar content on the Internet. We are very proud of this and that pride is reflected in our slogan: We put the Supercars on the superhighway.

So, what's so special about Firstly, all the good bits of the old site will be still on the new site. You've consistently told us in your feedback that you like news, and you like the V8Supercar Pick 10. They're back in 2001, along with more features, more photos, team profiles, and statistics.

As far as the items above goes, nothing's changed, we will continue to do what we do as good as we can, and hopefully, better than what anybody else does.

OK, that's great, but tell me the new bits. The biggest addition to the new site that you will notice immediately is forums. I receive many well written emails from visitors about issues facing V8Supercar racing, and there was no way with our previous setup to allow these voices to be heard. This is your chance to have your say.

We have decided against the opportunity in the past to implement forums, primarily because of our support of the usenet newsgroup as the primary discussion point for Australian motorsport fans. While that support has not changed, we believe that there are many voices that are not being heard because the interface for newsgroups is often too cumbersome to use. Forums @ are an attempt to allow a bigger base of fans have their say, something that we've always supported.

VESRIX was very popular in 2000, so it's expansion and development will continue in 2001. The focus this year will be on expanding the data to cover all Australian Touring Car Championship races back to the good old days. This project, tentatively called "SuperVESRIX" will be the ultimate information source for Australian Motorsport devotees.

Our final big change is a change from a "web site" to a "portal" (that is, a gateway for other sites). We are now in a position to host other sites, so expect a lot of new sites with the prefix to appear on your screen soon. While we can deliver a large amount of content, there is a limit to what we can provide.

We encourage any V8Supercar teams or drivers who are looking to setup a website to have a chat to us about joining the conrod network. One of our aims is to deliver a higher volume and quality of V8Supercar and Australian motorsport content to the Internet. Offering our expertise and hosting capabilities to others is a great way to do this.

Finally, It's time to offer a few thank yous.

Firstly to the crew at Dial One Internet Services, thank you for your continued support of us, which is appreciated not just by us, but by the whole motorsport community. A special thanks to Jason and Sam, who burn the midnight all regularly to ensure that the conrod machine doesn't have a mechanical failure.

If you're looking at somebody to put the power into your web site, get the people who put the power into, Dial One Internet.

Secondly, thank you to the contributors to Words cannot describe how valued your contribution is. Thank you Jason, Jonesy, Nathan, and especially my wife Nicole.

Some of you might have noticed that my name isn't at the top of the about page anymore. A special thanks to the publisher of Michael Shaw - your support has facilitated the new era.

Finally, thank you to you, our supporters and visitors. Your patronage and feedback have made what it is today, and will continue to determine it's future. With your support we will continue to be the primary source of V8Supercar information on the Internet.