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Notable quotables

If the action on track ever begins to disappoint during the season, you can rest assured there will be plenty happening off-track to keep you entertained.

Whether it's Ingall getting his gear off for a magazine, or a good old whinge from one of the ol' boys, the war of words in pit lane, is sure to again to be highlight.

Jason Whittaker peers into his crystal ball (well, actually we flogged some paint from the Perkins workshop and painted a Basketball silver..) and predicts what you will hear, and what you won't.

What you will hear
"Boy, those Holdens are hard to catch" - Anyone driving a Ford.

"It's the sprint races that really decide who's the best driver" - Mark Skaife.
"It's the endurance races that really decide who's the best driver" - Russell Ingall.

"This year is definitely my year" - Tony Longhurst.

"Those roll bars nice and strong, Jeff?" - Craig Lowndes.

"Gee, this sure is tougher than Super Touring." - Brad Jones.
"Your telling me!" - Paul Morris.
"You're not wrong!" - Craig Baird.
"You think?" - Cameron McLean.

"They're racing around what building?" - John Howard.
"I hope the pizza delivery boy can still get in." - Kim Beasley
"The hair? Didn't you know, I'm a big HRT fan." - Cheryl Kernot
"Can somebody give me a boost, I can't see the track over the concrete wall."- John Howard

"Not another Shell ad with Barry?" - Dick Johnson
"Not another Shell ad with Barry?" - Australian Television Viewers.

"I really think that this is our best chance ever at Bathurst." - Glenn Seton.

"I'll definitely be back racing this year." - Alan Jones.

"What yellow flag?" - John Bowe.

"You wouldn't have any garage space left would you, Stonie?" - Mark Larkham.

"Perhaps you should have your eye-sight checked, Mr Schenken" - Everybody.

"We're just taking it one race at a time." - Just about everybody.

"I've kicked your butt again!" - Shane Rogers to Mark Jones.
"I've kicked your butt again!" - Nicole Rogers to Shane Rogers.

What you won't hear
Kevin O'Reilly

"Boy, those Fords are hard to catch" - Anyone driving a Holden.

"Explain that for me again, Barry." - Mark Oastler.

"You're just not driving aggressively enough, Rusty." - Larry Perkins.

"I've been very disappointed with the performance of our cars this year." - Jeff Grech.

"I've lost the enthusiasm to race." - Jason Bargwanna.

"I think it's about time I retired." - Larry Perkins.
"Me too." - Jim Richards.

"Kerryn Brewer claims first race win." - Newspaper headlines.
"Melinda Price takes first round win." - Newspaper headlines.
"Sam Newman wins Bathurst!" - Newspaper Headlines.

"John Bowe - sexiest man alive." - Cleo.

"We just can't seem to fill up the grids." - Tony Cochrane.

"It's better to watch on TV, anyway." - Tasmanian V8Supercar fans.
"It took you this long to work that out?" - New Zealand V8Supercar fans.

"That CAMS judiciary system is working really well." - Everybody.
"So is the points system." - Everybody.

"Look at this great Christmas card I got from Russell." - Craig Lowndes.

"Try and show a little more emotion when you win, Jason." - Garry Rogers.