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Photo Feature: 2000 FAI Insurance Challenge
Part 2
Michael Shaw
Mark Alan Jones
Captions: Shane Rogers
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Lights on Larkham
Mark Larkham lines up a witches hat at the Honda Chicane.
Bargwanna Chicane
Barganna leads Larkham into the chicane at the end of the pit straight.
The Rat runs over the hat
Paul Radisich tests if the witches hats are really bolted to the ground like the said. Yep, appears so.
Give way or else
Greg Murphy shows the battle scars from a practice session altercation with the concrete wall. In race 2, Murphy and concrete would become reaquainted in a weekend ending pileup.
Looking down on Skaifey
Top view of the #2 Commodore.
Another Bathurst car goes ouch
Perkins comes to a stop after hitting the inside wall coming into the first chicane braking area in race three.
Perkins crash aftermath
Perkins explains his misdemina to marshalls. We can tell you the reason, the car couldn't see where it was going, it had it's eyes closed!
Lowndes - 3rd
Lowndes managed to keep out of the way of the often erratic Skaife to finish third overall.
One light short of...
The battle scares of the #17 Falcon are clear to see after being involved in the race two chain reaction.
Christian D'Agostin only finished one race for the weekend.
Crompton's second last race for Ford Tickford Racing ended with an overall finish of eighth position.
Murphy through the first chicane.
The Enforcer and Murph Show
"Hey Murph, did you hear the one about the New Zealander who..." Russell Ingall and Greg Murphy chat. They'll both be in contention come Bathurst in November.
The weekend result:
Paul Radisich leads Russell Ingall and Craig Lowndes into the Honda Hairpin.
Two wheeled Enforcer
Russell Ingall pretends his Commodore is really his Ducati through the first chicane.
Rodney Crick back at IMS
CarPlan, who make car care products, will support Crick's Bathrust attack in the Imrie Motor Sports VT.