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Inside the CAT Racing Falcon

1 Front anti-roll bar
This allows the driver to control the roll stiffness of the front of the car. The driver will adjust this during a long race such as Bathurst during a stint, to compensate for the lightening fuel load. This is done to ensure handling consistency.

2 Brake Caliper
A four spot brake caliper, manafactured by Brembo. CAT racing, like all V8Supercar teams, will have to make at least one brake pad change during the FAI 1000. Ideally this change will happen during Safety Car conditions to mimimise lost time (it takes about 35-50 seconds to complete a brake pad change).

3 Brake Disc
Ventilated Brembo brake disc. 14 inch at the front, 13 and the rear. Brakes are a vital car component at Bathurst, with over 900 stops from greater than 185kph, to less than 110kph to happen over the race distance.

4 Shocks and Springs
Component manafactured by Penske (yeah, the same guys that used to make the CART chassis). One of the most important aspects of a V8Supercar in terms of giving the car a go fast setup.

5 Shock Absorber Canister
Contains oil and gas to assist the shock absorber to control the car in high speed and low speed corners.

6 Front Suspension Control Arm
When JB moves the steering wheel, this moves the wheel.

7 Anti-roll Bars (partly obscured)
The control that adjusts the anti-roll bars. These are adjusted by the driver to change the handling.

8 Gear Shifter
Gearboxes are usually made by Hollenger. They are 6 speed, using the standard 'H' pattern like in your road car. No sequential gearboxes here!

9 Rear suspension trailing arm pick-up points
This is where the suspension is attached to the chassis

10 Air Jacks
Internal to the car, operated by pitcrew member plugging air hose into car, which pushes the jacks (also located on front behind wheel) onto the deck, and the car into the air.

11 Telemetry transmitter
This sends a signal back to the crew in the pits every time it passes the sensor mounted on pit wall by the team. Important information (such as engine temps, etc.) are sent back to the pits every lap, while other information is downloaded later on by plugging a laptop into the car's on board computer.

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