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Photo Feature: Oran Park Shell Series 2000
Michael Shaw
Captions: Shane Rogers

Russell Ingall pre-race: Note the closed mouth after previous comments in the media have got him into hot water! On a side point, there has been a mixed response to the "Ingall Interviews" on RPM, Sunday.
Red Wash!
HRT again dominated in the first race after Lowndes got Tander on the start for second. The scene would change for race two when the reverse grid format was used for the first time in the Shell Series.
What? No HRT?
After the top six finishers from race one were reversed on the grid for race two, the usual sight of an all Holden front row resulted. It is unusual for it to comprise of no HRT cars though, as Murphy (left), and Ingall (right) sit on the grid.
Jones: Improvement
Brad Jones equalled his second-best finish of the year in race two, with a 9th position finish. His best finish was fifth, but that was in the reverse-grid race two at Canberra, this time it was legit.
Race three's start erupted in a massive fireball after the Morris/Larkham startline accident. Organisers made the smart decision to make the restart a rolling start, as the track was covered in foam and kitty litter after the cleanup.
$300,000 worth of Junk
The force of the impact is realised after looking at this picture. Media coverage suggested that Morris was hit in the back by a errant fire extinguisher. Later on it was found that the force of the impact was so great, that the extinguisher was still bolted to the floor, but the floor had infact moved with the force of the 170kph impact.
Another wreck
Larkham's team were also forced to salvage for spare parts. It's unbelievable at this point to think that both Larkham and Morris, have stated they'll be fit in three weeks time for the next race at Calder. Larkham is unlikely to start as he does not have a spare car, but Morris will be there if he gets the doctor's OK.
Lucky to escape
Larry Perkins' car was also lucky not to be involved in the fireball. Perkins was hit by Morris after he failed to roll off the grid, but managed to get his car going before Larkham arrived. Perkins started race three after repairs to his car with the old "100mph tape".
Another DNF for Rusty
Despite two heat wins this year, Ingall only lies eighth in the championship as a result of 4 DNF's. The latest one was in race three when he retired with gearbox problems.
(left to right), Tander came second for the round on 106 points, behind Skaife with an almost perfect 117 points, but ahead of Seton who scored 101. With the exception of Adelaide and Canberra, Skaife's performance was the best in terms of points scored of any driver in a round so far this year, except for Lowndes' clean sweep at Barbagallo.