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Rodney Forbes Q&A
Sheryl-lee Raggatt

Sheryl-lee Raggatt: Hi Rodney. How are you?
Rodney Forbes: I'm very good.

SR: What is the worst spin you have ever had in a race?
RF: Qualifying at Bathurst when I hit the wall a few years back.

SR: What is the best car you have ever driven?
RF: VT 2000.

SR: Do you think your little brother John will ever race a racing car?
RF: No, not even if his life was on it.

SR: Are you racing in the V8 Supercars in 2004? If so who for?
RF: Not sure.

SR: Dream Holiday? Why?
RF: Island with lots of sun wind and a good race track at the other end

SR: Does your Partner like the motorsport racing? Does she go to all the events?
RF: Yes, I met her at an event. She was working on merchandise.

SR: Favourite series? Why?
RF: V8 Supercars

SR: Any pets? What kind and names?
RF: Cattle.

SR: Worst racecar you have ever driven?
RF: Data Dot AU.

SR: What would be your ideal present (Birthday or Xmas)?
RF: More than $1m+ in the bank to go racing on.

SR: What is the furtherest a fan has ever gone to get your attention
RF: Get an interview.

SR: What do you do when your not racing cars?
RF: Snowbording, sailing, bike ridding.

SR: Best place to live in Australia?
RF: NSW coast

SR: Favourite music:
RF: Rock and ALF

SR: Favourite food
RF: Steak.

SR: Favourite T.V show

SR: This is from Tobes: Do you have a lawnmower?

SR: Why were you not at Bathurst?
RF: Stayed at home and watched it with Danielle

SR: From Josh: What is your reaction to Geoff Grech's comments at the Perth round that you can't spin properly?
RF: Grech never ----- up even when they are winning, if your number 1 you should miss everything.

SR: Have you been offered a drive from any other team owner, other than your Father?
RF: No, because we want to do it ourselves as a family.

SR: From Michael Shaw: Your version of your part year in V8 Supercars.
RF: No good car setup, down on horse power and low on $$$$$$$$.

SR: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and have this Interview, Good luck for the rest of the year.
RF: Thanks Sheryl-lee, hope we can do this more