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Oil slick puts Seton in a spin

19/4/2005 13:41 (Press Release) - Glenn Seton was driving to a respectable 11th place in today's first New Zealand V8 Supercar race when his Ford slid off the track after finding oil. Seton, starting from 22nd, made his way through the field thanks to some great overtaking and a super fast pit stop and was attacking those ahead of him, when disaster struck.

With a lap to go and closing in on 10th place, a cry of "oil" came through the team headphones from Seton.

"Coming through turns one to three there was oil everywhere," Glenn Seton said.

"I don't know where the oil came from because it wasn't there the lap before.

"It was as I exited turn two that the car got away from me.

"The car turned around towards the left and went backwards into the tyres.

"There's no damage mechanically, there's only damage to the rear quarter panel, the bumper-bar and a couple of doors.

"There doesn't look to be any structural damage."

Seton showed that his Westpoint Falcon was a strong race car over the course of the 36 lap race.

"I had some good battles with Cameron McConville, Paul Weel and Craig Lowndes," Seton said.

"I was able to get past Weely (Paul Weel) and had a lot of fun making my way around McConville.

"The car was quite consistent through-out the race and the team did a great pit stop.

"I'm happy with the way I drove and I feel good about the direction the team are going with the car."

Seton's driving, so far this year, has shown the critics that he is still a driver to be reckoned with.

"I'm really enjoying my driving at the moment," Seton said.

"In the past I think I've been labelled as a struggling driver but I think I've proven, at both Adelaide and New Zealand, that I am still determined and able to do the job.

"I'm determined to get a lot further up the grid with Westpoint Racing
and what's important is that I think I can."

Steve Johnson's 13th place result keeps him well entrenched in the Championship top 10 following the first of three New Zealand races.

"I'm disappointed with my day but happy to have earned some half decent points," Steve Johnson said.

"I need to stay in touch with those in the top few spots and managed to do that.

"I was equal fourth coming to Pukekohe and now sit in sixth.

"Given that I qualified in 24th, that's not too bad."

Glenn Seton qualified in 22nd place and finished in 21st, while Steve Johnson qualified 24th and finished 13th.

Sunday sees two 50 lap races, the first starting at 10.05am (AEST).

Release Date: 16/04/2005

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