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19/4/2005 13:55 (Press Release) - Following a character building start to the 2005 V8 Supercar Championship in Adelaide last month Larkham – Orrcon Racing was dealt another bitter blow when Jason Bargwanna failed the opening race in New Zealand today.

Bargwanna elevated himself up several positions during the early laps of the race before a problem during a tyre change in the compulsory pit stop dropped him well down the order.

On lap 14 Bargwanna found himself between a rock and hard place with no where to go when Andrew Jones spun Craig Baird into the path of Bargwanna exiting the hairpin. The impact caused damaged superficial damage to the front end of the number 10 Orrcon Racing Falcon along with piercing the radiator to force him out of the race.

Bargwanna’s team-mate Mark Winterbottom also endured problems throughout the event. Firstly with a clutch not working efficiently and later in the race he was forced to pit for a second time due to his passenger side window coming adrift.

The unscheduled stop dropped the 23-year-old down the order to cross the line in 24th position.

Earlier in the day Bargwanna had qualified in 15th position with Winterbottom in 25th. The first 25 cars were separated by six-tenths of a second during qualifying.

Today’s race was won by local hero Greg Murphy who was followed by Russell Ingall and Mark Skaife.

There will be two 50-lap races tomorrow with the first beginning at 12:05pm.

MARK LARKHAM – team owner Larkham – Orrcon Racing
“It has been a very disappointing day to say the least.
“As a team we dropped the ball today and were hit hard. In this business even the slightest human error can be enormously costly, as we found out today.
“Tomorrow is another day and I hope it is a better day.”

JASON BARGWANNA – Orrcon Racing Falcon #10
“The set up of the car seemed to improve over the day.
“We had a problem during the pit stop which really hurt our position. Then exiting the hairpin Jones turned Baird around and I was left no where to go.
“It is a very disappointing end to the day, especially considering we were moving in the right direction after struggling yesterday.”

MARK WINTERBOTTOM – Orrcon Racing Falcon #20
“During qualifying I wasn’t able to get a clean lap with my new tyres which probably cost me a handful of positions on the grid.
“We seemed to go the wrong way slightly with the set up during today’s race. It is now time to look towards tomorrow race with the main focus being to keep out of trouble and get some points on the board.”

2005 V8 Supercar Championship
Round 2 of 13 - PlaceMakers V8 International
Race One – 36 laps
1. Greg Murphy (Holden)- 36 laps
2. Russell Ingall (Ford)
3. Mark Skaife (Holden)
4. Steve Ellery (Ford)
5. Marcos Ambrose (Ford)
6. Paul Radisich (Holden)
7. Jason Bright (Holden)
8. Todd Kelly (Holden)
9. Paul Morris (Holden)
10. Jamie Whincup (Holden)
11. Paul Weel (Holden)
12. John Bowe (Ford)
13. Steven Johnson (Ford)
14. Craig Lowndes (Ford)
15. Max Wilson (Holden)
16. Cameron McConville (Holden)
17. Rick Kelly (Holden)
18. Garth Tander (Holden)
19. Jason Richards (Holden)
20. Greg Ritter (Ford)
21. Glenn Seton (Ford)
22. Brad Jones (Ford) – 35 laps
23. Anthony Tratt (Holden)
24. Mark Winterbottom (Ford)
25. Matthew White (Ford)
26. Paul Dumbrell (Holden)
27. Andrew Jones (Holden) – 34 laps
28. Steven Richards (Holden) – 32 laps
29. David Besnard (Ford)
30. Simon Wills (Holden) – 30 laps
DNF Craig Baird (Ford) – 13 laps
DNF Jason Bargwanna (Ford)

Top Ten Shootout
1. Craig Lowndes (Ford) 55.7367
2. Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 55.7986
3. Steven Richards (Holden) 55.8581
4. Greg Murphy (Holden) 55.9581
5. Russell Ingall (Ford) 56.1709
6. Paul Dumbrell (Holden) 56.1723
7. Mark Skaife (Holden) 56.1899
8. Jason Richards (Holden) 56.4416
9. Jason Bright (Ford) 56.6558
EXC Garth Tander (Holden) 55.9622

1. Steven Richards (Holden) 55.4789
2. Marcos Ambrose (Ford) 55.5258
3. Russell Ingall (Ford) 55.5448< br>4. Greg Murphy (Holden) 55.5764
5. Craig Lowndes (Ford) 55.6146
6. Mark Skaife (Holden) 55.6629
7. Paul Dumbrell (Holden) 55.7417
8. Jason Richards (Holden) 55.7780
9. Jason Bright (Ford) 55.7830
10. Paul Morris (Holden) 55.8406
11. Steve Ellery (Ford) 55.8479
12. Cameron McConville 55.8555
13. Jamie Whincup (Holden) 55.8635
14. Paul Radisich (Holden) 55.8835
15. Jason Bargwanna (Ford) 55.9653
16. Max Wilson (Holden) 55.9842
17. Rick Kelly (Holden) 56.0272
18. John Bowe (Ford) 56.0299
19. David Besnard (Ford) 56.0397
20. Todd Kelly (Holden) 56.0513
21. Glenn Seton (Ford) 56.0526
22. Brad Jones (Ford) 56.0623
23. Steven Johnson (Ford) 56.0646
24. Paul Weel (Holden) 56.1285
25. Mark Winterbottom (Ford) 56.1554
26. Simon Wills (Holden) 56.6326
27. Anthony Tratt (Holden) 56.6915
28. Craig Baird (Ford) 56.7966
29. Andrew Jones (Holden) 56.8393
EXC Garth Tander (Holden) 55.8366
EXC. Greg Ritter (Ford)
EXC. Matthew White (Ford)

Track Length: 2.82km
Average Speed: 186 km/h
Max Speed: 270 km/h (End of the back straight entering Turn 5)
Min Speed: 64 km/h (Turn 5)
Max lateral G-force: 2.0 exiting turn 6
Full Throttle: 52% of the lap
Average Throttle: 61%
2004 result – 1st Jason Bright, 2nd Marcos Ambrose, 3rd Greg Murphy
The Pukekohe circuit is located 40km south of Auckland on Manukau Road, Pukekohe, New Zealand

Championship rounds: 89
Victories: 4
Podium finishes: 13
Debut: 1997 – Sandown
First Win: 1998 – Calder Park
Highlight of career: 2000 Bathurst Victory
Current Championship Position: 33rd
Best Round Finish at Pukekohe: 5th – 2003
2004 Facts
Top Ten Finishes: 6
Shootouts: 6
Cars passed during races: 70
Most cars passed in one race: 16 (Race 2, Round 1 – Adelaide)
Highest position in standings: 5th (after Round 2)
Overall championship position: 8th
2004 PlaceMakers V8 International
Qualifying: 10th
Race Results: Race One – 27th, Race Two – DNF, Race Three - 21st
Overall: 29th

Championship rounds: 16
Debut: 2003 – Sandown
Top Ten Race Finishes: 3
Current Championship Position: 19th
Best Round Finish at Pukekohe: 27th – 2004
2004 Facts
Top Ten Race Finishes: 3
Cars passed during races: 56
Most cars passed in one race: 13 (Round 2 – Eastern Creek)
Highest position in standings: 12th (after Round 12)
Overall championship position: 18th
2004 PlaceMakers V8 International
Qualifying: 23rd
Race Results: Race One – 25th, Race Two - 14th, Race Three - DNF
Overall: 27th

Sunday April 17
9:35am – 10:25am – Pit Walk
12:05 - Race 2 – (50 laps)
2:30pm – 3:15pm – Driver Parade
4:30pm – Race 3 (50 laps)

TV TELECAST - Network Ten
Sunday April 17
12:00pm - 17:00pm

Release Date: 16/04/2005

Larkham Orrcon Racing