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Tough weekend for Westpoint Racing

19/4/2005 14:06 (Press Release) - Steve Johnson had a horror day after being involved in incidents in both of today's 50 lap races. In the first race Johnson was sandwiched between several cars on the first lap causing damage to the front of his Westpoint Ford Falcon. The team replaced the front splitter and changed two damaged tyres. Starting from 13th, Johnson crossed the line several laps down, in 26th place.

In the final race, Johnson was again involved in a first lap incident, one which would force him to retire immediately. When Anthony Tratt spun in-front of him near the completion of the first lap, Johnson had no-where to go but directly into the Holden driver's car.

For Glenn Seton, the day was a little kinder. Avoiding the accidents in both races, Seton finished 12th in today's first race and 13th in the final, incident marred, race. When Paul Dumbrell, Craig Baird and Cameron McConville were involved in a massive main-straight accident, forcing a race re-start, Seton was determined to bring his Falcon home safely for strong points.

Following the weekend's racing, Seton has risen to 12th in the overall V8 Championship and Johnson is in 16th.

Driver Quotes

Steve Johnson

On Race Three.

"In race three David Besnard tried to go around the outside of Anthony Tratt to overtake. Tratty got into the side of him coming around the corner, managing to spin himself, and collected me. At the time I was on the inside line about to pass him.

"I couldn't get out of the car 'cause I was parked hard up against the pit lane wall trying to keep out of the way of the others so they could get into the pits. The brakes were gone and so was the suspension, all damaged in the accident. I couldn't actually drive the car any further."

On Race Two.

"In race two I got sandwiched between five cars and it damaged the front bumper. The corner of the splitter was rubbing the tyre, pretty much destroying it. It took a few laps to change. The boys had to do a bit of panel beating to line up the connecting bolts. In the end they strapped it all together and got me back out so that I wouldn't lose any more laps that than I already had.

"It's been one of those days of motor racing that I just want to forget about. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement."

Glenn Seton

On the race stopping race three incident.

"It was quite an experience. I knocked a lot of speed off as I went through the dust on entry to the main straight. It was difficult to see where the cars were parked ahead of me, even though I was doing only 80 kays (per hour).

"I watched the incident go on and was trying to think where the cars might have finished up. I drove a line that I hoped would give me ample room to get through. It was a close call. Cam McConville nearly hit me up the backside, then he went down the gap and got collected by either Paul Dumbrell or Craig Baird. I was lucky."

On his weekend.

"Overall it's been an okay weekend. Obviously getting on the oil yesterday prevented a top ten, which was a real shame. We consistently got on with it during all three races and I'm reasonably happy with my driving. I stayed out of trouble and pushed as hard as I could and defended as good as I could.

"Out of this I am 12th overall in both the round and the Championship,
so I'm quite satisfied."

The next V8 Supercar round is in Perth on May 6-8.

Release Date: 17/04/2005

Westpoint Racing - DJR