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V8Supercar Pick 10 Competition
Player Number System

The 2003 Player Number reservation order is as follows:

Alloc Order Player Name 2001 Res No.
Section A - Top 10 players from Previous Season
1 Phantom
2 Paul Mason 7
3 Greg Baulch
4 DuDe
5 Karen Griggs
6 Donna Vecchio
7 Mitchell Gibbs 2
8 Thomas Epple
9 Granny
10 Kevb
Section B - Race Winners from Previous Season
11 hoffy
12 shefroggle
13 peter ellul
14 cornelia cole
15 Skaife-1
16 rally
17 Ernest Harrison
18 Leigh Connell
19 Michael Smith
20 Rosilyn Donnelly 19
21 anne
22 adric mason
23 Alysha Connell
24 woodunn
Section C - Previous V8SP10 Champions
25 Warwick Cuthbert
26 Nicole Rogers 27
27 Brad Rishworth
28 Chris Radisich 9
Section D - Top 40 Highest Scoring Pick 10 players
29Nathan Wong70
30Shane Rogers81
31Nigel Rishworth24
32Chris Donnelly20
33Matthew Crichton4
34Peter Watters2
35Allan Watters42
36Michael Shaw12
37James Cormick28
38Scott Davis39
39Rob Gillan5
41James Scandrett8
42Robert Woodland44
43Peter Hollis29
44Ian Disney10
45Michael Stephens25
46Stan Benbrook17
47Ian Gorski
48Shane Dyer31
49Phil Luyer3
50Grant Mascord30
51Mark Alan Jones22
52Wayne Wall
53Mrs Brock (Jayne)43
54Stuart Little23
55Nigel Felton37
56Warwick Blake
57Demon Driver13
58David Hooton
59Simon Leach
60Allan Phillips
61Kylie Watters
62Darren Jex
64Steven Jurskis58
65Sid Blake
66Shane Myers
67Amanda Smith
Any player who had a reserved number in 2001 can keep that number, irrespective of the allocation order.

The previous champion (Phantom), has the option to take number one for season 2002 on top of reserving a number for future seasons.

The following numbers have become available as a result of a player who had a reserved number in 2001 not being eligible for a reserved number in 2001: 6, 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 32, 35, 50, 54, 66, 69, 88. Ohter low numbers available include: 26, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41.

If you are in this listing, and have not been emailed your password, please email us and we will send it to you.