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V8Supercar Pick 10 Competition
Player Number System

The player number system works as follows:
At the conclusion of each season, players are rewarded for good performance in the V8SP10 by being allocated a seeding. In 2003 there are 67 seeded players based on results from the 2001 season and earlier. These 67 players have the right to reserve a player number for 2001.

Players who had a seeding and reserved a number in 2001 have two options, they can keep their existing number, or apply for a new number. If a player chooses to keep the same number as they used in 2001, they are guaranteed that number for 2003, regardless of the allocation order.

For new players, or players that decide to change their number, their highest preference will be allocated according to the seeding order.

A player can enter as many preferences as they wish, so feel free to enter numbers that are already taken in the hope that they will become available. A player should enter at least two or three numbers that are not taken to ensure that they are allocated a number.