Frequently Asked Questions - What is VESRIX?
What is VESRIX?
VESRIX stands for Vee Eight Supercar Results and Information eXplorer. VESRIX is (at the moment) a database of all V8Supercar race results.

Why build a V8Supercar Results Database
1. Because comprehensive Australian touring car statistics are not publicly available. A lot of people keep data on the Shell Championship Series (formerly known as the Australian Touring Car Championship), but there is on definitive resource for the category as a whole.
2. Mark Jones answers a lot of questions about touring car statistics on the newsgroup, and we thought it would be good to provide some of this information on a website (Mark already provides results of previous Bathurst races, etc, at the AMIB website).
3. Because we can. :-)

How it started
As early as March 1999, Shane Rogers posted a message to the newsgroup asking if anybody had the data now contained is VESRIX in response to a post requesting statistical information on a web site. Mark Jones was one of the people who replied (see Acknowledgements), and the message sat in Shane Rogers' inbox for about 5 months while he was kept busy with the V8Supercar Pick 10 project (the predecessor of With the impending off-season, Shane finally replied to Mark's e-mail, and the rest is history.

The future?
As of July 2003, we are maintaining the database, and thinking about what we're going to do next. We'd like to add Grid/Qualifying information, as well as the ability to navigate the database by Team and Year.

There also has been requests for us to go back to Group A (1984-1992), and maybe even Series Production (Group C). Mark Jones is at the moment compiling "SuperVESRIX" which will contain some or all of these results. SuperVESRIX will be kept separate to VESRIX until we get all the data required to make SuperVESRIX a complete database.

Mark's also got a Gold Star in the Formula Holden era database in the wings as well.

The active development of all these depends on how much time Shane has spare, and given his past form of not updating VESRIX for two years at one stage, it probably won't happen soon.