Frequently Asked Questions - Statistical Conventions
Scope of data
All national level starts by V8Supercars are included in the database. The first race was the 1992 Sandown 500, where the Group 3A cars (V8Supercars) ran in a class as a prequel to the first full year of V8 Racing.

What is NL?
NL stands for National Level. A National Level V8Supercar race is defined as a race that isn't a Konica Series event, or an AMSCAR event. These are taken out of the calculations where a fair reflection of statisitcs is required. For example, we dare to say it was a bit harder for Jim Richards to win 3 V8Supercar races, than it was for Dean Canto to win 3 Konica Series races, hence the separate category.

What does Participations/Starts/Wins (BF)/Top 3/Top 10/Class Wins mean?
Participations - Includes all times they turned up to the track.
Starts - Participations less DNS (Did not Start), and DNQ (Did not Qualify). If a team withdrew after first practice and before the start of the race, it has been recognised as a DNS.
Wins (BF) - Number of wins. If the number shown appears in brackets, it indicates their best finish (as they've had no wins).
Top 3 - Number of top 3 overall finishes.
Top 10 - Number of top 10 overall finishes. If a number of Top X finishes is required for a particular driver, and it's not 3 or 10, let us know, we can tell you!
Class Wins - usually the same as wins at the moment, built in for future functionality when we (possibly) include Group A into the database later on. Can be different, V8Supercars were a support class for Group A in 1992 (hence Tomas Mezera has more class wins than overall wins).

What do you mean by Races and Events?
The best way to think of them is like you think of Heats and Rounds now when referring to the V8Supercar Championship Series. A VESRIX Race is equivalent to a Championship Heat, while a VESRIX Event is equivalent to a Championship Round.

Differences include: The Bathurst 1000km races and events where there is only one race, are both "races" and "events". The Grand Prix and Surfers Paradise support events, based the Event result on the result of one race (usually the last race), as there was no official pointscore for these races.

We have found many pointscores for the CART and Australian Grand Prix support events, but because (a) we have been unable to determine whether any of these pointscores were official, or (b) the trophies were always awarded on the basis of one particular race, we base the Event result on the result of that race.

Why can I only see a Races column in a particular section for a particular driver?
The reason that only Races are shown in a particular section is because the number of Races is equal to the number Events. For example, drivers who only compete at the Bathurst 1000km races will always have only a "Races" line.

What do you class as an Endurance Race?
An Endurance race is any race of at least 250km in length. This includes the following: Sandown/Queensland 500, 1000km Races at Bathurst, New Zealand 500km Races (Wellington/Pukekohe), the Adelaide 500 (both Races), Konica Series 300km races at Bathurst, and Single event 300km Championship Series rounds run in 2002/2003/2004. AVESCO made a decision that the GMC 400 at Canberra was not an endurance race, we have followed that convention.

Driver Profile Information
In a lot of cases we've used different to standard terminology to help clear up the situation in regards to Driver Profiles. An example of this is, in the old days the Australian Formula Ford Championship used to be called the Driver to Europe Series. We've used AFFC rather than DTE in the profiles as it is more understandable to us younger folk (We hope we haven't offended any of you older folk). If you think it would be better to keep the terminology in time context, let us know. We appreciate the feedback!

What is the Dash section?
The dash section contains the results of the pre. Touring Car Championship very short race (usually 3-5 laps) that happened before the main heats during a ATCC/SCS Round. In 1993 and 1994 it included the top 6 drivers from qualifying, in 1995 it included the top 10, and from 1996 onwards it has been for all privateers only. It was discontinued at the end of 1999.

It does not include the "Ultimate Peter Jackson Dash" races as Support to the Adelaide Grand Prix in 1993. That was a full-blown event!