Frequently Asked Questions - Reproduction of VESRIX data
General policy
Our general policy is to allow free distribution of the information as much as possible, for a number of reasons:
1. The data is already in the public domain, just not complied in this way.
2. It seems pointless to put up an information web site if you aren't going to let people use the information!

We have devised two general policies for distribution at this stage. In either case, we would like you to tell us if you are using the information other than personal use.

Existing Copyrights
We acknowledge that race results as posted in the standard results format, are often copyright in themselves. It is not our intention to duplicate this information (as it's already on the web in about 80% of cases and growing). Wherever possible we will link race results shown in VESRIX to the source website for the official results.

Our intention in showing race results is to put the events in context related to the overall statistics, hence complex information (Lap Charts, Timing, etc.) aren't shown. We suggest you go to RaceTime Computing or the Natsoft Results Archive for this information.

If you are a copyright holder, and you would rather not have this information shown in the public domain, please contact us at

Personal Use
You are free to use the information database for personal use. (Shane adds - if you win a bet as a result of any information provided by VESRIX, it'd be nice if you shouted us a beer if you ever caught up with either of us!)

Internet policy
As VESRIX will be updated after every V8Supercar race, we would appreciate it if you did not "copy" data generated by VESRIX, rather "link" to the data. This means that your information will never be out of date.

To find out the address(es) to link to please e-mail us detailing the information you require, we will then supply you the links. It is generally OK to just "copy" the link address from your browser, but in some situations it won't be so check with us first, to avoid a 404 error in the future.

Another idea is to create mini-VESRIX pages to enable people to put profile information in a frame on a part of their HTML page or an XML data feed. If you're interested in this idea, let us know.

If you are entering something to a newsgroup, it is generally OK to reproduce a statistic, as there is a date to the newsgroup article to put it in context.

Other media reproduction
Reproduction in all of media is allowed, providing the source is disclosed, wherever possible. If you use a VESRIX generated statistic, we would like you to include in the article, or in the credits, either of:
(a) Statistics - VESRIX -; or
(b) Statistics - Mark Jones - Shane Rogers.

The Software
The software is copyright (c) 1999-2004 Shane Rogers. It may not be used without permission of the Author.