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V8 Supercar Pick 10 Competition
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The V8 Supercar Pick 10 Competition is back for its sixteenth season in 2013. The first round of the competition is Adelaide, so get your picks in early as the racing starts in at the start of March.

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To enter, first you need to register. Even if you registered in 2001, and even if you were given a password during player number registration, you do not need to re-register in 2013. Click here to register.

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Player Number Registration
Player numbers won't be changing again this year.

» Explanation of Player Number system
» 2013 reservation order
» Final list of reserved numbers

2013 Information
» 2013 pick deadlines and full results

There are no changes in the rules for 2013. Click here to download a copy (PDF 37Kb).

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If you need to contact us about any issue, please email us at our new address

Neither Conrod Motorsport Communications nor this tipping competition are associated with, or authorised by, AVESCO - the exclusive manager of the V8 Supercar category of motorsports.
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