Frequently Asked Questions - Navigating VESRIX
Searching for drivers in the database
Searching for drivers by name in the database is easy, all you have to do is type the drivers name in the search box (eg. Neil Crompton), and hit GO! For those who are concerned about spelling, you can also search for parts of a name. For all those people who can't spell Simon Emerzidies for example, typing Simon E in the search box will match.

You can also type the name in Surname first (eg. Crompton, Neil) which will also give you a match. Typing just a surname (eg. Rogers) will sometimes give you a direct match (as there's only one Rogers in the database. On other occasions it won't (eg. Jones) (or even eg. Jones, B), where it will present you a list of drivers that will link you to their individual profile.

You can also browse the driver list by most starts, wins, etc.

Searching for competitions in the database
A competition is either a race, event, dash or qualifying shootout/runoff. To find a particular one, use the links in the competitions section on the home page. The Browse section lists some of the common searches, while the Find section allows you to find a particular event.

The same rules for drivers apply in searching in that if VESRIX finds only one match for your search, it will take you straight to that event/race. If there's more than one match, a list of matching results will be shown (most recent at the top).

Understanding the terminology
As many different race formats have been used in the history of V8Supercar racing, some terminology has been used to try and explain things. To see the terminology see the Statistical Conventions section.

Why are the numbers linked?
In the driver profiles you will notice that all the numbers (eg. the number of starts, wins, etc.) are links. Clicking on these links lists the starts relevant to that link. For example, clicking on the number in the Wins column in the Events row under Championship for a driver will list you all the Wins that the driver has achieved in National Championship Rounds.