Frequently Asked Questions - Miscellaneous
Why are Larry's VL 1993 starts not included in the database, and where are the BMWs?
Starts are only included in the database if the car was a true V8Supercar, starts in the International Group A Commodores, BMWs, etc. are not included.

I can't find David Parsons (either of them!)
Try searching for "Parsons" in the driver search box, then you'll find both. As there are two "David John Parsons" in the database, we've used their nicknames. Or you can just click David Skippy Parsons if you want the first David Parsons, the Tasmanian farmer, or click David Truckie Parsons for the Victorian truck driver.

Mal Rose, 6 Wins, my foot!
VESRIX reports Mal Rose as having six V8Supercar race wins. This is because both the 1993 and 1997 AMSCAR series races are included in the VESRIX database. The AMSCAR races are included, but not as National Level races. This is because most Level 1 teams electing not to compete in the 1997 AMSCAR series (all of them opted out, as racing in the series meant using a Goodyear control tyre, and all Level 1 teams had tyre contracts with rival manufacturers). Even though the series was open to all teams, the 1997 races are not National Level events. This was changed recently as a result of feedback from media outlets. Konica Series races are also not National Level races.

We would like to thank the following people who provided assistance with VESRIX (no particular order): Dennis Eames, Roderick Eime, Sally Gilbey, Aaron Noonan, Tony Paton, Stephen Rowe (RaceTime Computing), Jason Whittaker, Nathan Wong, Nicole Rogers and anybody else who has beta tested for us (Email me if I've missed you!) .

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