Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the questions that we have been asked about VESRIX. The FAQ has been broken up into six sections as shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions Contents
What is VESRIX?
» Why build a V8Supercar Results Database?
» How it started
» The future

Navigating VESRIX
» Searching for drivers in the database
» Searching for competitions in the database
» Understanding the terminology
» Why are the numbers linked?

Statstical Conventions
» Scope of Data
» What is NL?
» What does Participations/Starts/Wins (BF)/Top 3/Top 10/Class Wins mean?
» What do you mean by Races and Events?
» Why can I only see a Races column in a particular section for a particular driver?
» What do you class as an Endurance Race?
» Driver Profile Information
» What is the Dash section?

Reproduction of VESRIX data
» General policy
» Existing Copyrights
» Personal Use
» Internet policy
» Other media reproduction
» The software

» Why are Larry's VL 1993 starts not included in the database, and where are the BMWs?
» I can't find David Parsons (either of them!)
» Mal Rose, 6 Wins, my foot!
» Acknowledgements
» Related Internet Resources
» About the authors